Tiger Rugby Affiliate Club Program


Tiger Rugby is actively looking to establish an effective affiliate program to help strengthen clubs nationwide. We believe that in order to achieve this stated goal, we need to work together to bolster each other’s programs. Following are the benefits of being a Tiger Rugby affiliate club.


      Sharing of knowledge including drills, tactics, physical training etc. 

      Each affiliate club will be able to send one player to the Columbus training center for a month or up to four players for a week each every year free of charge. Accommodation can be provided for a nominal fee of $500/month or $150/week

      Players attending the Tiger Rugby Academy through our affiliate clubs automatically get a 20% discount to any attendance fees to Academy, Camps or Combines.

      Coaches from affiliate club can attend Tiger Academy as guests any time free of charge. Obviously this does not include room and board. Accommodation can be provided for a nominal fee of $500/month or $150/week

We will actively seek to set up joint venture rugby camps with affiliate clubs while cross marketing our branding, and leveraging available coaches and players. In general, the club/university will provide the facilities and registration, and Tiger Rugby/Canterbury will provide the coaches and equipment.


      We will look to leverage our sponsors and affiliate businesses to provide discounted rates for their clubs for apparel, performance gear, travel, hotel, health insurance etc…

      Player placement – we will actively look to place players within our affiliate club organization based on their geographic or other limitations.

      All Tiger and/or Tiger Cubs tours will favor affiliate clubs when it comes to selection of players and guest coaches.


      Coaches and clubs will partake in the knowledge sharing network.

      Clubs will endeavor to promote the affiliate partnership to their members by adding the Tiger Rugby logo to their websites etc….

      Clubs and coaches will continue to measure and report back the progression of players who have attended the academy. 

Please fill in the boxes below if you wish to sign up for our affiliate program, or are just interested in more information.

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