1. To set up for the bench press, lie underneath the bar so that it bisects your collarbone or neck and assume your bench press stance.

2. Before lifting the weight out of the rack, pull your shoulder blades back and create torque off the bar. Imagine trying to break or bend the bar with your hands. This tightens your upper back and sets your shoulders in a stable position. As you do this, screw your feet into the ground, drive your knees out, squeeze your butt, and elevate your hips. You will maintain these actions through every step.

3. Lift the weight out of the rack and align the bar over your shoulders. Rest the bar in the center of your palms directly over your wrists.

4. Keeping your shoulder blades pulled back, lower the weight to your chest. Think about loading your triceps and chest by pulling your elbows down and keeping your forearms as vertical as possible.

5. Extend your elbows and reestablish the start position!