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Tiger Rugby offers an opportunity of a lifetime

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

10 Pro Rugby Contracts are up for grabs at the 2020 Rugby Combines Series

With world rugby being ground to a halt as a result of COVID-19 and the world-wide pandemic, the sport and it's players have suffered immensely during this period. As rugby players and athletes condition themselves for years in the hope of an opportunity to make it onto the world stage, social distancing and the lack of rugby has had a devastating effect on those looking to create a future for themselves in rugby.

However, a beacon of hope during this time has been the Tiger Rugby Combines, held at the world famous IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida USA. A vehicle used to unearth unidentified talent and some of US rugby's most gifted athletes, the tiger rugby combines have not only given players a sense of hope for the future but also offered them a once in a lifetime opportunity. Tiger is offering 10 professional rugby contracts to athletes at the end of the 2020 IMG Tiger Rugby Combines Series.

With professional teams world-wide reassessing their squad rosters and cutting their list of contracted players, Tiger is not only offering athletes an opportunity to be recognized but a golden ticket to go pro.

" It's extremely rare to find opportunities like this, not just in the US but across World Rugby. Large squads and the growth of rugby numbers across the world has lead to a highly competitive environment, which makes it difficult to break onto the professional scene. Tiger is offering a direct route to the top, something rarely seen."

Paul Holmes - Tiger Coach

Having completed a hand-full of combines already this year, Tiger Rugby's team of internationally acclaimed coaches have already identified athletes who have shown exceptional ability and promise.

"The quality and standard of athletes coming through the combines have been exceptional. Not only well conditioned, big and strong; but players with a real feel for the game. With Rugby now an Olympic Sport, it's going to be exciting to see what the USA continues to produce in the coming years."

Matt Turner - Former England Sevens

As Tiger continues to search for the next rugby superstar, two more additional combine dates have been released, August 29th and September 19th 2020. These two additional dates and with the ease of travel restrictions have allowed Tiger to cast its net further and wider in search of the exceptional.

The combine offers free registration and is open to all athletes above the age of 18 years of age. The athletes that attend the combines will be exposed to IMG's incredible high performance facilities as well as coaching from some of the world's best.

"We put the athletes through their paces and push them to their full potential. The combines offer athletes a true measurement of where they are in comparison to other top quality players. ie Fitness, conditioning, skill, mental etc , it's a great opportunity to push yourself and learn."

Perry Baker - USA Sevens Player

Tiger continues to lead the pack when it comes to athlete growth, identification and crossover success. Not only has Tiger welcomed rugby-players to the combines, but also athletes from other sporting codes, including football, basketball, soccer, hockey, athletics and more. A creative and instinctive sport, rugby offers athletes the opportunity to fully express their skills, talents and ability like never before. Tiger's knowledge and ability to spot the necessary skill-set needed to excel in rugby, has meant that they've transitioned athletes across sporting codes to rugby with great success. Another reason why USA rugby competitiveness will continue to grow in coming years.

"We're always excited to see athletes from other sporting codes arrive to compete at the rugby combines. Coming from other sports often means that they've developed some unique skills and talents that a can be used with great effect in rugby. It's also important to remember, there's no substitute for strength, size, power and speed.

James Walker - Tiger Coach

Testing at the combines include traditional evaluation criteria for strength, speed and agility, as well as specifically created evaluation tests unique to rugby. Beyond that, the Tiger coaching staff also look-out for essential character traits that can often separate the good from the great.

"My advise would be to ensure my fitness is at top level and my strength training has a sound foundation or base. Positive communication with other players, being energetic, asking questions are all things we look for."

Louis Tulio - Former USA Rugby League Captain

If you think you have what it takes, you could be right! Grab an opportunity of a lifetime and sign up for the next set of combines, August 29th and September 19th 2020.

2020 IMG Rugby Combine Series

Saturday August 29th

Saturday September 19th

Should you have any specific problems or circumstances preventing you from attending or partaking in the combines, please reach out to us in advance at:

written by Tiger Rugby

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