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Recap - Tiger Rugby Combine May 30th 2020

With the offer of 10 professional rugby contracts up for grabs. Athletes familiar and unfamiliar with the oval-shaped ball game alike flocked from all over the country to participate in the Tiger Rugby Pro Combine at the world-renowned IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida on the 30th of May.

With registration ending at 9:30 AM on the day, the Tiger hopefuls were ‘treated’ to a day full of intense indoor and outdoor assessments as well as an introduction into the Tiger’s family via the infamous Tiger Growler Test (join us for our 3nd Combine on the 30th of June and we’ll tell you all about it) as well as a late “finisher”. The entire day was run under the watchful gaze of coaches Paul Holmes and James Walker, International 7’s circuit legends Mat Turner and Florida’s own, Perry Baker as well as 7’s and former USA 15 -a- side regular Andrew Duratalo, former 7s and 15s Eagle Nese Malifa and Major League Rugby professional Harry Higgins.

When asked to select their highlights of the weekend. Athletes were almost unanimous in choosing the superb quality of the coaching on display as well as the friendly yet competitive and hard-working environment. Many also mentioned the incredible facilities of the IMG academy with one athlete stating that they had ‘never seen anything like it in their entire life’. The contribution and efficiency of sponsors doTERRA was also on display for all to see with their essential oils assisting in preparing participants for the intense sessions throughout the day as well aiding them in their recovery between sessions.

Athlete TJ Hardway had this to say when asked about their products: “That stuff works! I had blisters at the beginning of the day, and it was devastating, but after having some doTERRA applied to the irritated areas along with some tape, it helped me continue the workout. I would keep some on me all the time.”

For all of you interested fitness fanatics amongst us who want to get a sense of just what these regulars and first-timers put themselves through.

They were challenged in the following areas:

• 40-meter dash

• 5-10-5

• Broad-Jump

• Yo-yo

• Vertical Jump

• Ball skills

• Hand/Eye

• Defensive Tracking

• Creating and executing 2v1

• Tiger Growler Test

To those of you who think that they may have heard too late about this life-changing opportunity or would like another opportunity to obtain one of 10 professional rugby contracts, don’t worry!

There will be a third Tiger Rugby Pro Combine June 20th 2020.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sign up to Tiger Rugby Combine June 20th 2020.

Should you have any specific problems or circumstances preventing you from attending or partaking in the combines, please reach out to us in advance at:

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